Conidae A – L

We try to include an abundance of unusual and highly interesting specimens I hope you will take a good look, and Please ask for further images when you desire them!

Cones have long been a collectors’ favorite because of their seemingly endless variability, both between and within the 650+ (and counting!!) species in this colorful family. They are carniverous, making a living by harpooning their prey with poison-tipped radulae which paralyze prospective meals which are then “swallowed” whole, and digested at leisure. Cones occur worldwide in tropical and semi-tropical waters, and are especially diverse in the Carribean, Phillipines, Northern Australia, South and Southeast Africa, and the Cape Verde Is.

The variability within most local populations of cones is nothing short of amazing, with a wide variety of colors and patterns typically occurring at any given locality. This makes it a joy to assemble the carefully-selected series of variants (variation series) and high-contrast pairs I try to offer as often as possible. Those who purchase these sets are seldom disappointed!