The Costellariidae and its close cousins in the family Mitridae are generally underrated by collectors, perhaps because many of them are a bit smaller than the average shiny cowrie or cone, murex or volute, and identification is notoriously difficult!! That said, they endlessly delight the eye and mind with a surprising array of sculptures (ie, surface features), forms and patterns, as well as often being quite colorful. If you have overlooked them in the past, or just wish to try something different, I strongly recommend these two kindred families. Get yourself a hand lens for the smaller ones (LOTS of things look better up close!!), and prepare to enjoy.

P.S.: Yes we are aware that this family contains a genus called Costellaria… but vexing question of which Vexillum was now being called Costellaria, created a monstrous mess on this list – so we scrapped the genus for the sake of both expediency and sanity!

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