Feature Guide

1) Illustrated Checklist of the Living Conidae: A well researched annotated and illustrated checklist of the species, subspecies and described (i.e., named) forms of Living Conidae: over 900 taxa covered.

2) Pecten Palace: Pectinidae was my “First Love” in the shell world: the most popular bivalve family, it has incredibly variable colors and patterns guaranteed to please almost everybody.

3) Space Shells Art Gallery: We are pleased to offer a SPLENDIDLY Bizzare collection of imaginative Shell Art (all seashells, no landlubbers!) sent our way from far away land of Taiwan. The images will charm your socks off, so why not take a peek!Space Shells Gallery

4) Worldwide specimen shells list (seashells and landsnails): We try to offer a wide variety of families and species (of both seashells and landsnails)- hopefully a little “something for nearly everyone”!! Both our grading and our pricing policies are conservative, to give you the best value for your “shell-shopping-dollar”, and our returns policy is absolute. I try to obtain a good selection of UNUSUAL ITEMS – specimen shells of unusual color, pattern, shape (“FREAKS”), or from uncommon localities. Also, I am fascinated by the Variation of seashells, especially within any given population, and whenever possible, put together the most contrasting Variation Sets or Series possible, given the material at hand – I urge you, the Gentle Customer, to give these a try – you may be QUITE pleasantly surprised!!

5) Conchological Links Page: This is a “Best-of-the-Web” seashells & such affair, where YOU get an opportunity to nominate your favorite shell-related sites in various categories, such as “Best Designed Conchological Site”, “Best seashells or landsnails Pictures”, Most Useful Specimen shells Links Site” and “Best All-Round Conchological Site”. Why not take part in the fun??!

6) Gallery of Shell Images: A collection of selected images of some of the more beautiful and interesting seashells, pairs and sets we have sold: some good stuff, so why not take a look?

7) An Introduction to Shell Collecting: We’re just starting to develop a range of information and resources for people new to the Hobby of Shell Collecting – this section will grow accordingly, so check back every now and then, to see what we’ve come up with!