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      Ultimately, this site aspires to be an " Online iconography" of the living Pectinidae and Propeamussiidae.   Of all the molluscs, the Pecten family is one of the most colorful and variable: many of its 300 or so species are extravagantly variable  in color, pattern and often sculpture - local populations of the more variable species such as  Aequipecten opercularis Linne, 1758.. and  Chlamys flexuosus Poli, 1795  often contain scores of distict variations, enabling one to assemble positively outrageous seres of specimens with no two being closely similar to each other.   If anyone out there in the wonderful world of Virtual Conchology wishes to contribute photos of species or forms not currently represented here, or exeptional images of any member of these two allied families, i would invite you to send them to me (Ross Mayhew) and i will promptly pop them onto the site - with proper credit of course! 
     Note:  Pectinidae taxonomy is notoriously "fluid":   almost any species at any time, is likely to have its genus changed, accordinging to a wide variety of schema new old and revised.    Therefore,  it naturally a bit difficult for a novice such as myself to keep up - and one is almost tempted to wonder what the point of doing so would be in any case.  That said, if you see any outdated generic assignments in the species represented thus far, please inform me and i will attempt to stay on top of things.
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Chlamys filipponei (Dall, 1922).............Nodipecten arthriticus (Reeve, 1853)....

Argentina (Photo Evangeline Spafford).......................Panama..................................

Adamussium colbecki (E A Smith, 1902)  83mm.  40 meters, Terra Nova Bay, Cape Russell, Ross Sea, Antarctica (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Aequipecten commutatus (Monterosato, 1875)  15mm.   40 to 50 m.  From gill nets, Burgau, Algarve, Portugal (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Aequipecten glyptus (Verrill, 1882)   53mm.    80 fathoms, off Key West, Florida (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Aequipecten opercularis Linne, 1758..70mm ..France.
Aequipecten opercularis Linne, 1758..45 to 55mm. set...Italy.
Aequipecten opercularis lineata Da Costa, 1778.45mm ..France.

Aequipecten palmeri (Dall, 1897)  37mm-49mm.  trawled by shrimp boats, Gulf of California, Mexico (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Aequipecten phrygium (Dall, 1886)  27mm.  600 feet, Gulf of Mexico, off Sanibel, Florida (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Aequipecten superbus Sowerby, 1842...46mm..Japan.

Amusium ballotti Bernardi, 1861...107mm! .Australia.
Amusium ballotti Bernardi, 1861...87mm .Australia.
Amusium japonicum subsp. ballotti Bernardi, 1861...105 mm. Australia.

Amusium laurenti Gmelin, 1791...45mm..Honduras.

Amusium obliteratum (Linné, 1758)  26mm & 29mm.  60 to 80 fathoms, Punta Engano, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Amusium papyraceum (Gabb, 1873)  69mm.  20 fathoms, Gulf of Venezuela, Venezuela (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Amusium pleuronectes Linne, 1758...68 to 74 mm. Australia.

Amusium sp....16mm..Philippines.

Anguipecten picturatus Souverbie, 1874)  42mm.  100 to 160 feet, Horseshoe Reef, Okinawa, Japan (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Annachlamys leopardus Reeve, 1853 ...69.3mm .Australia.
Annachlamys leopardus Reeve, 1853 ...57mm ..Australia.

Annachlamys macassarensis Chenu, 1845...52mm...Philippines.

Annachlamys melica Iredale, 1939...73mm ..Australia.

Annachlamys rena Iredale, 1939...47 mm. .Australia.

Argopecten circularis Sowerby, 1835..25 - 29mm ..Panama.
Argopecten circularis aequesulcatus Carpenter, 1864..35 - 40mm .California.

Argopecten gibbus Linne, 1758...28mm..Florida.
Argopecten gibbus Linne, 1758..35mm..Venezuela.

Argopecten irradians Lamarck, 1819...45mm..Florida.
Argopecten irradians amplicostatus (Dall, 1898) 73mm.   Laguna Madre, at John F Kennedy Causeway, Corpus Christi, Texas (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)
Argopecten irradians concentricus Say, 1822...12, 16 & 20mm (3-set)..Florida.
Argopecten irradians taylorae Petuch, 1987  37mm.  2 to 4 feet, bay side of North Key Largo, Florida

Argopecten noronhensis E. A. Smith, 1885...22mm..Brazil.

Argopecten nucleus (Born, 1778)  18mm-30mm.   yellow specimen is from 135-170 feet, off Caratasca Key, Honduras. others are from Featherbed Banks of Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Argopecten purpuratus (Lamarck, 1819)  82mm.  off Mejillones Beach, Antofagasta, Chile

Argopecten solidulus Reeve, 1853...15mm .. Spain.

Bractechlamys adorabilis Dijkstra & Roussy, 1994   22mm.   Racha Yai Island, south of Phuket Island,  Thailand (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Bractechlamys antillarum (Recluz, 1853)  16mm-21mm.  2 to 5 feet, North Sound, Virgin Gordo, British Virgin Islands (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Bractechlamys nodulifera (Sowerby, 1842)  24mm-26mm.  75-120 feet, Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Caribachlamys imbricata (Gmelin, 1791)   red-22mm.  cream / purple 20mm.  red; 2 meters, Lemon Cays, San Blas Island, Panama. cream / purple; 20 to 30 feet, Current Cay, Bahamas (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Caribachlamys mildredae (Bayer, 1941)  orange-31mm; other-40mm.  both from 95 feet, off Pompano Beach, Florida (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys sp ..58mm . Fairly shallow water, Pemba Island, .Zanzibar.

Chlamys aktinos Pettard, 1886 ...35.5mm..Australia.
Chlamys aktinos Pettard, 1886 ...33, 35 mm..Australia.

Chlamys albida Dall, 1906   66mm.  130 meters, Petrel Bank, Aleutian Islands, Bering Sea, Alaska (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys albolineata Sowerby, 1887...19,22mm..Okinawa.

Chlamys aliae Dijkstra, 1988..21.5mm ..Philippines.

Chlamys amiculum Philippi, 1851...31mm .Thailand.

Chlamys asperrimus Lamark, 1819...50.5mm. F++.  Australia..4
Chlamys asperrimus Lamark, 1819 ...48, 49mm ..Australia .
Chlamys asperrimus Lamarck, 1819...26, 31, 37 & 43mm.4 piece series..Australia.

Chlamys australis  Sowerby, 1842...77 mm..Australia.
Chlamys australis Sowerby, 1842 ...93mm..Australia.

Chlamys barnetti Dijkstra, 1988  24mm.  50-60 fathoms, Punta Engano, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys behringiana (Middendorff, 1849)  62mm.  130 meters, Petrel Bank, Aleutian Islands, Bering Sea, Alaska (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys benedicti Verrill & Bush, 1897 ..5-7mm .Florida..
Chlamys benedicti Verrill & Bush ...6-8mm..Florida.
Chlamys bernhardi Phillipi, 1851 ...12-14mm..Phillipines.
Chlamys bernhardi Phillipi, 1851 ...11.5mm..Phillipines.
Chlamys bernhardi Phillipi, 1851 ...9-10mm..Phillipines.

Chlamys chosenica Kuroda, 1932  56-62mm.  orange-42 to 50 meters, Sea of Japan, off Russian coast. yellow-Fausu, Hokkaido, Japan. peachy white-50 to 100 fathoms, Cape Erimo, Hokkaido, Japan (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys cloacata (Reeve, 1853)  22mm-25mm.  smaller specimens-60 fathoms, Punta Engano, Mactan, Cebu, Philippines. largest-30 to 50 meters, Selat Karimata, between Sumatra and Borneo (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys consociata E A Smith, 1915  17mm.  240 meters, Cape Reinga, New Zealand (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys coruscans Hinds, 1845...13 to 19 mm...Australia.

Chlamys cumingi Reeve, 1853....36mm .Australia.

Chlamys curtisiana Iredale, 1939...27mm..Australia.
Chlamys curtisiana Iredale, 1939...21 to 23 mm...Australia.

Chlamys delicatula Hutton, 1873....60mm..New Zealand
Chlamys delicatula Hutton, 1873....57-60mm..New Zealand..
Chlamys delicatula Hutton , 1873...50 & 58mm..New Zealand.

Chlamys dichroa Suter, 1909..24.5mm..New Zealand.
Chlamys dichroa Suter, 1909....11mm..New Zealand.
Chlamys dichroa taiaroa  Powell, 1952...20mm..Deep water off northeastern New Zealand.

Chlamys dieffenbachi Reeve, 1843..16mm..New Zealand.

Chlamys distortus Da Costa, 1778...23mm..England.
Chlamys distortus Da Costa, 1778...18mm..UK.

Chlamys empressae Kuroda & Habe, 1971  16mm.  180 feet, off Manzamo, Okinawa, Japan (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys famigerator Iredale, 1925    About 15mm.  Found on the SE and west coasts of Australia. (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys farreri Jones & Preston, 1904...26mm..Japan.

Chlamys filipponei (Dall, 1922)  76mm.  30-50 meters, Golfo San Jose, Argentina (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys flabella Gmelin, 1791...47mm..Senegal.
Chlamys flabella Gmelin, 1791...38mm..West Africa.

Chlamys flexuosus Poli, 1795 ...36-42.5mm .Spain.
Chlamys flexuosus Poli, 1795...27 to 34mm...Spain.
Chlamys flexuosus Poli, 1795 ...Av. 26-28mm..Spain.
Chlamys flexuosus Poli, 1795 ...28-37mm..Spain .
Chlamys flexuosus pyxoideus Locard, 1888 20-25mm..Italy.

Chlamys fultoni Sowerby, 1904 ...39.2mm..Mozambique.
Chlamys fultoni Sowerby, 1904 ...20-25mm..South Africa.

Chlamys funebris Reeve, 1853...47mm..Australia.
Chlamys funebris Reeve, 1853..51mm..Australia.

Chlamys gavena (Iredale, 1939)  21mm.  20 to 30 meters, off Bangka Island, Sumatra, Indonesia (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys gemmulata Reeve, 1853...21mm..New Zealand.
Chlamys gemmulata Reeve, 1853 form suteri...51 - 55mm..New Zealand.

Chlamys gladysiae (Melvill, 1888)  19.5mm.  tangle nets, Punta Engano, Mactan Island, Philippines (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys gloriosusm Reeve, 1853...80mm ..Taiwan.
Chlamys gloriosusm Reeve, 1853...40 mm..Australia.
Chlamys gloriosusm Reeve, 1853...70, 69mm..P. New Guinea.
Chlamys gloriosusm Reeve, 1853...55mm ..New Guinea.

Chlamys hastata hastata (Sowerby, 1842)  38mm.  50 to 60 feet, Point Loma, San Diego, California (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)
Chlamys hastata hericius Gould, 1850...60mm..British Columbia.
Chlamys hastata hericia (Gould, 1850)  yellow-55mm.   orange-61mm.   yellow-120 feet, Puget Sound, Washington. orange-90-120 feet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys histrionica Gmelin, 1791..23mm..Thailand.

Chlamys humilis Sowerby, 1904...17mm...South Africa.
Chlamys humilis Sowerby, 1904...17, 18mm..South Africa.
Chlamys humilis Sowerby, 1904  15mm-20mm.  150 meters, off Cape St Francis, South Africa (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys hybridum Gmelin, 1791 ...25.5mm..Senegal.
Chlamys hybridum Gmelin, 1791 ...35.5mm..W. Africa.

Chlamys imbricata Gmelin, 1791... 25mm..Florida.

Chlamys incantata Hertlein, 1972  41mm.   95 feet, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys islandica Muller ...64mm..Nova Scotia.
Chlamys islandica Muller, 1776 ...60mm..Labrador.

Chlamys jousseaumei. Bavay, 1904...18mm.  Delicate pastel pink.  I love it!!...Japan.

Chlamys kiwaensis Powell, 1933...21mm. Completely "classic". New Zealand.

Chlamys larvatus Reeve, 1853...24mm..Japan.
Chlamys larvatus Reeve, 1853...27mm..Japan.

Chlamys latiuratus Conrad, 1837..19.5mm..California.

Chlamys lentiginosus Reeve, 1843..50mm..Philippines.
Chlamys lentiginosus Reeve, 1843..20 - 35mm..Philippines.

Chlamys lemniscata Reeve, 1853...19mm..Japan.

Chlamys lineolaris Lamark, 1819..35mm..Columbia.

Chlamys linkii Dall, 1926..27-30mm..Nicaragua.

Chlamys lishkei Dunker, 1850...75mm..Uruguay.

Chlamys lividus Lamark, 1819 ...47mm..Philippines.
Chlamys lividus Lamark, 1819 ...31 & 35mm ..Phillipines.
Chlamys lividus Lamark, 1819 ...22-30mm..Phillipines.
Chlamys lividus Lamarck, 1819...60 mm....Australia.
Chlamys lividus Lamarck, 1819...47 mm..Australia.

Chlamys luculentum Reeve, 1853...37mm..Australia.

Chlamys madreporarum Sowerby, 1842  18mm.  5 to 15 fathoms, Swains Reef, Queensland, Australia (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys mollitus Reeve, 1853...15mm..Philippines.

Chlamys multistriata Poli, 1795..16mm..Spain.

Chlamys muscosus Wood, 1828 ...45.5mm..Florida.
Chlamys muscosus Wood, 1828...27.5mm..Puerto Rico.

Chlamys nipponensis Kuroda, 1932...44mm..Japan.

Chlamys nivea (MacGillivray, 1825)  47.5mm.  low tide, Loch Ailort, Scotland (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys nobilis Reeve, 1852... 95mm..Japan.
Chlamys nobilis Reeve, 1852...79 to 81mm..Philippines.
Chlamys nobilis Reeve, 1852...51 - 59mm...Borneo.

Chlamys ornatus Lamark, 1819 ... 30mm .Florida.
Chlamys ornatus Lamarck, 1819...24, 28mm..Bahamas.

Chlamys pesfelis Linne, 1758... 56.5mm...Spain.
Chlamys pesfelis Linne, 1758... 40 - 45mm..Spain.
Chlamys pesfelis Linne, 1758... 54mm..Canary Is.

Chlamys phalera Roth, 1975....35mm..Chile.
Chlamys phalera Roth, 1975......31.5mm..Chile.

Chlamys princessae Kuroda & Habe, 1971...17mm..Philippines.
Chlamys princessae Kuroda & Habe, 1971...16mm...Philippines.

Chlamys proteus Dillwyn, 1817..41 & 38mm..Italy.
Chlamys proteus Dillwyn, 1817...31.5, 36 & 37mm set of three..Italy.
Chlamys proteus Dillwyn, 1817...52mm...Italy.

Chlamys purpuratus Lamark, 1819...60mm...Peru.

Chlamys radulaLinne, 1758...88mm..Philippines.
Chlamys radula  Linne, 1758...53mm..Philippines.
Chlamys radula Linne, 1758...73mm..Phillipines.

Chlamys rastellum Lamark, 1819 .36.5mm..Phillipines.
Chlamys rastellum Lamarck, 1813...27 to 29mm...Philippines.
Chlamys rastellum Lamarck, 1813...24 to 26mm...Philippines.

Chlamys rubida (Hinds, 1845)  63mm & 67mm.  40 to 50 fathoms, three miles south of Akutan Island, Alaska (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys rubromaculata (Sowerby, 1842)  30mm & 39mm.  25 to 30 meters, off Dahab, Sinai, Egypt, Red Sea (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys ruschenbergii (Tryon, 1870)  purple-40mm     brown-58mm.  purple-Arabian Gulf, Muscat, Oman.  brown-10-12 meters, Taylor Rock, Kuwait (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys scabricostatus Sowerby, 1915...47.5..Australia.
Chlamys scabricostatus (Sowerby, 1915) 45mm & 50mm.  15 meters on pearl shells, Broome, Western Australia (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys senatoria Gmelin, 1791...80mm..Philippines.
Chlamys senatoria.Gmelin, 1791..62mm..Philippines.
Chlamys senatoria.Gmelin, 1791..52 - 54mm..Philippines.
Chlamys senatoria.Gmelin, 1791..40mm..Philippines.

Chlamys sentis Reeve, 1853...40mm..Florida.
Chlamys sentis Reeve, 1853...23 to 27mm..Florida.

Chlamys solidulus Monterosato, 1889...24, 25mm...Spain.

Chlamys sp..23 mm....deep water, Punta Engano, Philippines.

Chlamys spectabilis Reeve, 1853...14mm..Philippines.

Chlamys squamata Gmelin, 1791..42-43mm..Korea.
Chlamys squamata Gmelin, 1791...32mm...Japan.

Chlamys squamosa Gmelin, 1791...65mm...Australia.
Chlamys squamosa Gmelin, 1791...44 & 48mm...Philippines.
Chlamys squamosa Gmelin, 1791...43 & 40mm..Philippines.

Chlamys superficialis (Forsskal, 1775)  46mm.  25-30 meters, Gulf of Aquaba, Eilat, Isreal (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys tehuelchus Orbigny, 1846...55mm.
Chlamys tehuelchus Orbigny, 1846...32mm..Brasil.
Chlamys tehuelchus spinosa Orbigny, 1846...23, 25mm..Brazil.

Chlamys tigerinus Muller, 1776 ...18mm..Belgium.

Chlamys cf tinctus Reeve, 1853...20mm..Philippines.

Chlamys townsendi (Sowerby, 1895)  88mm.  10 fathoms, Karachi, Pakistan (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys tranquebarus Gmelin, 1791...34 & 37mm..India.

Chlamys tumbezensis Orbigny, 1846...39, 41mm ..Panama.
Chlamys tumbezensis Orbigny, 1846...36 - 39mm..Panama.

Chlamys varia Linne, 1758...43, 48 & 58mm...Spain.
Chlamys varia Linne, 1758...42mm...France.
Chlamys varia Linne, 1758...45, 48mm...France.

Chlamys wilhelmini Bavay, 1904  17mm & 18mm.   both are from 30 feet, North Loi Island, southeast Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands. (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Chlamys zealandiae Grey, 1843...27 mm...New Zealand.
Chlamys zealandiae Gray, 1843...29mm..New Zealand.
Chlamys zelandiae Gray, 1843...20 to 22mm...New Zealand.

Comptopallium radula Linne, 1758...57, 65 & 67 mm...Australia.

Cryptopecten oweni (De Gregorio, 1884)  24mm-29mm.  locality: 60 to 80 fathoms, Punta Engano, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Cryptopecten vesiculosus (Dunker, 1877)  22mm-25mm.   10-20 fathoms, Minabe, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Cyclopecten davidsoni Dall...12-15mm..Russia.

Cyclopecten  cf vitreus Gmelin, 1791  15mm..Phillipines.
Cyclopecten vitreus Gmelin, 1791...9mm..New York.

Cyclopecten zacae (Hertlein, 1935)  18mm.   244 meters, Golfo de Chiriqui, west Panama (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Decatopecten amiculum Philippi, 1835...38, 39mm..Thailand.

Decatopecten plicus Linne, 1758...45mm..Burma.

Decatopecten septemradiatum Muller, 1776...32mm.....Mauritania.

Decatopecten striatus Schumacher, 1817...29 & 34mm.
Decatopecten striatus Schumacher, 1817...28.5 to 35mm...Philippines.

Decatopecten subplicatus Sowerby, 1842...29 to 34mm..Thailand.

Decatopecten velutinus Sowerby, 1842...36, 37mm.

Delectopecten alcocki Smith, 1904  17mm.  300 meters, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Delectopecten vancouverensis Whiteaves, 1893...24 - 27mm..Washington.
Delectopecten vancouverensis Whiteaves, 1893...25mm...Washington.
Delectopecten vancouverensis Whiteaves, 1893...25 & 25mm...Washington.

Equichlamys bifrons Lamarck, 1819...84mm...Australia.
Equichlamys bifrons (Lamarck, 1819) 36mm-45mm.  45 feet, off Port Giles Jetty, South Australia (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Glorichlamys elegantissima (Deshayes, 1863) 11mm.  100-130 feet, Seragaki, Okinawa, Japan (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Gloripallium pallium Linne, 1758...54mm...Philippines.

Gloripallium sanguinolentum (Gmelin, 1791) 41mm & 43mm.  33 to 40 meters, Eilat, Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Gloripallium speciosum Lamarck, 1819...25mm...Philippines.

Haumea juddi Dall, Bartsch & Rehder, 1938  14mm & 16mm.  70 to 80 feet, Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Haumea minuta (Linné, 1758) correct name for Argopecten inaequivalvis (Sowerby, 1842) 28.5mm.  Betangas, Philippines

Hinnites giganteus Gray, 1825...97mm...California.
(= multirugosus Gale, 1928)

Juxtamusium coudeini (Bavay, 1903)  24mm-27mm.  20 to 40 fathoms, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Juxtamusium maldivense (Smith, 1903)  26mm-30mm.  30 meters, Olango Island, Philippines (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Laevichlamys multisquamata (Dunker, 1864)  both are 46mm. Subtidal -30 feet, Bonaire, Netherland Antilles.  yellow-45 feet, Roatan Bay Islands, Honduras (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Laevichlamys weberi (Bavay, 1904) 20mm.  250 meters, Agulhas Banks, Cape Agulhas, Cape Province, South Africa (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Leptopecten bavayi (Dautzenberg, 1900)  8mm-11mm.  25 meters, Arvoredo Island, Santa Catarina State, Brazil (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Leptopecten camerella (Berry, 1968)  19mm.  40 fathoms, off Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Lindapecten exasperatus (Sowerby, 1842) (revised name for Aequipecten acanthodes Dall, 1925) 17mm-28mm.  3 to 4 feet, Stiltsville, Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Lissopecten hyalinum (Poli, 1795)  15mm-18mm.  15 to 20 meters, Sardinia, Italy (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Lyropecten antillarum Recluz, 1853 ...17, 18mm..E. Panama.

Mesopeplum caroli Iredale, 1929...33 & 35mm...Australia.

Mesopeplum clavatum Poli, 1795...26mm...Italy.

Mesopeplum convexum Quoy & Gaimard, 1835...58.7mm...New Zealand.
Mesopeplum convexum Quoy & Gaimard, 1835...48 - 56mm...New Zealand.
Mesopeplum convexum Q. & G, 1835...57mm!.. New Zealand.

Mimahlamys lentiginosus Reeve, 1843..50mm..Philippines.
Mimachlamys lentiginosus Reeve, 1865...27mm...Philippines.

Mirapecten mirifica Reeve, 1853...17 & 19mm...Philippines.
Mirapecten mirifica Reeve, 1853...15, 18mm..Philippines.

Mirapecten molluccensis Dijkstra, 1988  27-32mm.  20-35 meters, Calituban Island, Bohol, Philippines (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Mirapecten thaanumi (Dall, Bartsch & Rehder, 1939), yellow-28mm, black-37mm, orange-38mm (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)
 yellow-150 meters, Balicasag Island, Bohol, Philippines
black-80 fathoms, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines
orange-20 to 30 meters, Olango Island, Cebu, Philippines
Mirapecten thaanumi Dall, Bartsch & Rehder, 1938...31,  33mm.

Nodipecten arthriticus Reeve, 1853..39mm ..Panama.
Nodipecten arthriticus Reeve, 1853..28 & 29mm..Panama.
Nodipecten arthriticus Reeve, 1853..24mm..Panama.
Nodipecten arthriticus Reeve, 1853..17.5, 18.5mm..Panama.

Nodipecten corallinoides (Orbigny, 1834)  29mm-36mm.  25-45 meters, St Vincent Island, Cape Verde Islands (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Nodipecten nodosus Linne, 1758..116mm .Columbia.
Nodipecten nodosus Linne, 1758...70mm. ..Venezuela.
Nodipecten nodosus Linne, 1758...64mm...Brazil.
Nodipecten nodosus fm. fragosus Conrad, 1849...Florida.
Nodipecten nodosus fm. fragosus Conrad, 1849...94.5mm. .Florida.
Nodipecten nodosus fm. ?? Linne, 1758...74mm.  Jamaica.

Nodipecten subnodosus Sowerby, 1835..71mm ..Mexico.
Nodipecten subnodosus Sowerby, 1835..71mm ...Mexico.

Notochlamys anguineus (Finlay, 1927)  31mm-35mm.  10-37 meters, Albany, Western Australia (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Notochlamys tasmanica Adams and Reeve, 1863..40mm  ..Australia.

Palliolum incomparabile (Risso, 1826)  6mm-11.5mm.  Cape Noli, Savona, Italy (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Parvamussium fenestratum (Forbes, 1844) 6mm.  300 meters, Capraia Island, Tuscan Archipelago, Italy (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Parvamussium rubrotinctum (Oyama in Kuroda, 1951) 9mm.  350 meters, Balicasag Island, Bohol, Philippines (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Patinopecten caurinus Gould, 1850...50mm. ..Washington.

Pecten afribeneditctus

Pecten alba Tate, 1887...93mm .. Australia.

Pecten chazelei Dautzenberg, 1909..23-30mm . Columbia.

Pecten diegensis Dall, 1848...78mm. ...California.
Pecten diegensis Dall, 1898.. .73mm ... California.

Pecten erythraeensis Sowerby, 1842 61mm.  Somalia

Pecten fumatus Reeve, 1852...51 to 60 mm...Australia.

Pecten isomeres Iredale, 1939...23 mm...Australia.
Pecten isomeres Iredale, 1939...15, 16 mm...Australia.

Pecten jacobeus Linne, 1758...131mm ...Spain.

Pecten keppelianus Sowerby, 1905  62mm.  25 to 45 meters, Sao Vincente Island, Cape Verde Islands (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Pecten magnificus (Sowerby I, 1835)  115mm.  Indiginous to the Galapagos Islands. (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Pecten maximus Linne, 1758....112mm ...Spain.

Pecten meridionalis Tate, 1887...79, 80 mm...Tasmania.

Pecten novaezelandiae Reeve, 1853...88mm. ...New Zealand.
Pecten novaezelandiae Reeve, 1853...84mm. ...New Zealand.

Pecten perlus Olssen, 1961..31mm ....Panama.

Pecten pyxidatus Born, 1778...37mm. ...Philippines.
Pecten pyxidatus Born, 1796..38 - 41mm . ..India.

Pecten ravenelli Adams & Reeve, 1850..83mm. .....Florida.
Pecten ravenelli Adams & Reeve, 1850...47mm ....Florida.

Pecten sericeus Hinds, 1845..77mm.....W. Panama.
Pecten sericeus Hinds, 1845..60 - 64mm ....W. Panama.

Pecten sinensis Sowerby, 1842  59mm.  20 to 30 fathoms, Mikawa Bay, Aichi Prefecture, Japan (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Pecten sulcicostatus Sowerby, 1842  56mm.  20 meters, Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Pecten vogdesi Arnold, 1906   93mm.  30 feet, Punta Chivato, Baja California, Mexico (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Pecten ziczac Linne, 1758... 46-50mm ....Florida.
Pecten ziczac Linne, 1758...46mm. F+..Florida.

Placopecten magellanicus Gmelin, 1791 ...85-95mm ...Nova Scotia.

Propeamussium alaskense (Dall, 1871)  23mm.  70 to 200 fathoms, off Mombetsu, Hokkaido, Japan (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Propeamussium cancellatum (E A Smith, 1886)  17mm.  664 meters, off northern Panama

Propeamussium pourtalesianum (Dall, 1886)  Perhaps 10mm.  From Florida and the West Indies, variable depth. (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Propeamussium sibogai (Dautzenberg & Bavay, 1904)  44mm.  100 fathoms, Balut Island, Davao, Philippines (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Proteopecten glaber Linne, 1758 ...50.5mm ....Greece.
Proteopecten glaber Linne, 1758...46mm. ...Italy.
Proteopecten glaber Linne, 1758...27 to 36mm. ....Italy.

Pseudamussium sulcatum (Müller, 1776)  13mm.  380 meters, off Sardegna Island, Italy (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Semipallium crouchi (E A Smith, 1892)  44mm.  30-40 meters, St Gilles, western Reunion Island (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Semipallium diane (Crandal, 1979)  38-48mm.  120 feet, Seraghaki, Okinawa, Japan (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Semipallium fulvicostatum (Adams & Reeve, 1850)  33mm & 35mm.  10 to 15 meters, Port Hedland, Western Australia (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Semipallium marybellae Raines 1996  about 30mm......Guam.

Semipallium pallium L, 1758. ...10-17mm F++......Phillipines.

Semipallium spectabilis Reeve, 1853 ...13-14mm ...Phillipines.

Semipallium tigris Lamark, 1819..47 - 49mm ....Philippines.

Semipallium vexillum Reeve, 1853...34mm. ....Philippines.
Semipallium vexillum Reeve, 1843..36 - 42mm ....Philippines.
Semipallium vexillum Reeve, 1843..38mm F+ high.  Normal...Philippines.

Semipallium wardiana Iredale, 1939...25, 27mm. ....Philippines.
Semipallium wardiana Iredale, 1939...28 to 34mm. ...Australia.

Serratovola asper (Sowerby, 1842)  42mm.  80 fathoms, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Serratovola  tricarinatus Anton, 1839...32.5mm.....Thailand.

Somalipecten cranmerorum Waller, 1986  58mm.  deep water off Somalia

Spathochlamys lowei (Hertlein, 1935)  12mm-19mm.  14 to 15 meters, Magdalena Bay, Baja California, Mexico (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Swiftopecten swifti Bernardi, 1858...101 - 103mm ....Japan.
Swiftopecten swifti (Bernardi, 1858)  42mm.  12 meters, inside shipwreck, 200 miles north of Vladivostok, Olga, Russia (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Volachlamys hirasei (Bavay, 1904)  47mm & 49mm.  10 to 20 fathoms, Awaji, Seto Sea, Japan (Contributed by Evangeline Spafford)

Volachlamys singaporina Sowerby, 1842...42 & 44mm. ....Australia.
Volachlamys singaporina Sowerby, 1842...34mm. ....Australia.

Volachlamys tranquebaricus Gmelin, 1791...35, 42mm. ....Thailand.

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