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(A Public Service For Shell Collectors Worldwide!)

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NOTE: This Bulletin Board will be only as good as you make it!! I will keep it reasonably neat and orderly, but you must make your wants known if it is to work at all. What can you loose? If you are looking for something, it never hurts to ask!!

Post your wants and wishes:.(e-mail link: include all info you deem relevant!!. Requests and info will be posted regularly!!)

Wants Finder (So you don't have to search forever to find what you want!!)

OUR Wants (What we at Schooner.. are looking for!!)

Notes: 1): I will "link" each poster's name, to make it easy to contact them: When you click on the name, an e-mail window to them will open up!!

...........2): Each posting will be listed exactly as written (if your e-mail program lets you do colors, underlines, etc, that is what will be posted. (exceptions will be a) anything not shell-related, b) anything that dances, wiggles, or otherwise moves, and c) any letter size too large.)

...........3): Postings will be acknowledged when recieved, and posted at each list update (every Friday is the plan, except when i am away)

...........4): If you wish to change or modify your wants, no problem- i will do this!!

...........5): The rest, i leave up to you: POST away!!!


.....This section is included for all who don't wish to scroll through miles (eventually!) of entries just to find what they are looking for! Click on the initials in each category to get to approriate postings (New categories will be added as they are needed, so don't panic if you don't see yours!!), and use the frequent "finder" links to get back here for the next one. Postings AND initials will be arranged according to WHEN they arrive, so get yours in early!! Good luck, and good hunting.

Abyssal (very deep water): RM
Arctic/Boreal:  RM (but not North Americain)
Bivalves in general: RM
Buccinidae: RM
Bursidae: Jr.P (Bursa finlayi McGinty)
Cancellariidae: RM
Cold-Water: RM
Colubrariidae: Jr.P
Conus: RM  Ian Purvus
Cypraeidae: RM ; Anonymous (through us!): long list of wants.
Dwarfs (adults much smaller than normal for the species):
Epitoniidae: RM
"Freaks": RM
Fresh Water:
"Giants" (very large for the species!): RM (ALL FAMILIES!!)
...Land Snails:
Olividae: RM
Ovulidae: RM
Polyplacophora: RM
Propiamusiidae: RM
Ranellidae: RM , Jr.P(Rare Cymatium)
Showy, or "Showcase":
Strombidae: RM , PJ
Trochidae: RM
Variation series or sets: RM
Volutidae: RM


NOV. 23, '98:Wants of Ross Mayhew (ie, Schooner Specimen Shells!!) (Trade, or will sell on consignment! (or will purchase wholesale):

General: 1) Anything "unusual" or special in some way (and F+ or better!): odd patterns and/or colors, GIANTS, "Freaks", very odd localites for any given species, or just "exeptional" specimens!

........... 2) Rare species of ALL families!!

............3) Good selections from local populations, which i can make Variation series from!! (or high-contrast sets already made up)

............4) Seldom-offered families or genera (eg: Peduncularia, Fax, Amphibulimidae (try saying THAT 10 times, really quickly!!))

............5) ANYTHING you want to sell on consignment (spare shells, portions of collections, BOOKS, etc.)("Consignment" means that we settle on a price at the start, which i send to you when the shell (or a certain value of shells) is sold. Advantage: you get more than wholesale, if you are willing to wait a bit!)

Specific: 1) Rare or unusual PECTINIDAE (and Propiamusiidae)!!! (or, from unusual localities)

............2) Rare or unusual Buccindae, Conus, Cypraea (esp. on consignment!), Epitoniidae, Naticidae,  Olividae, Ovulidae, Ranellidae, TURRIDAE, Volutes, Chitons (properly preserved only), Strombidae, LAND SNAILS, Trochidae, Olividae,

............3) Seldom-seen BIVALVES!!!

............4) Cold-water spp from the Western Pacific, ANTARCTIC, Russia, Scandinavia, but not North America.

............5) Rare or quite unusual Tented Cones (VERY much wanted!!) 5a) Conus nobilis nobilis.

............6) Lots more Cypraea wants (from our customers, through us)!


Jr. Powers' Want list: Trade or Purchase.

1) Ranellidae: Good specimens with operculum.

Cymatium gracile(Reeve.1844)
Cymatium hepatica(Roding.1798)
Cymatium martinianum(Orbigny.1845)
Cymatium gibbosum(Broderip.1833)
Cymatium cingulatum(Lamarck.1822) (I don't know why this one is being a problem finding. It's a subsp of C.rubeculum(L.1758))

Fasciolariidae: Good Specimens with operculum

Colubraria leali(Harasewych,Petit&Verhecken.1992)
Colubraria monroei(McGinty.1952)


Bursa finlayi (McGinty)w/o - I think it has a new name now- -not sure-
I think-Bursa latitudonatalensis(C&M) now that's a name.


Wants of Philip Jackson: (Strombidae) 

Looking for the following shells (buy or exchange)
Strombus mutabilis betuleti
Strombus aratrum melanostomus
Rimella tyleri
Strombus dilatatus orosminus


Please send us your wants and wishes! : SEND

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